Celtic Pride Shamrock Irish Flag Bumper Stickers
Good Luck goat - its name is Georgie!
St. Somewhere destination sticker Don't be a horse's arse...

I hate stupid people derp face

if you can read this, you are too damned close to my car

Ginko Biloba Tree Leaves
Magnificently Baka ばか 馬鹿
Magnificently Baka!
Mahjong tiles bumper sticker

Himawari Mah-Jong design

Kuro-Sama's Onsen. Kinda Sketchy looking... 黒さまのおんせん

Magnificently Baka ばか 馬鹿


Soccer / Football + Vuvuzelas = awesome torrential rain while bicycling US Athletic Club Handegg Squad. Go team! Place Foot Here in Hangul and English Dark on Light Place Foot Here - Dark Shirt - Tae Kwon Do Art Nouveau Duck mallard